Power Production & Distribution Services

MAB has the experienced staff, resources, and OEM authorization to provide a range of services related to power production and distribution. These include:

Power Production & Distribution

  1. EPC basis Projects:

    • Turnkey projects on EPC basis for new or for the expansion power plants. Wide range of technical support services with focus on Diesel and Gas turbines for both heavy industrial and aero derivative generating units.

    • Manpower technical support services including installation, commissioning of new equipment, technical advisory and assistance, field engineering, startup & commissioning, and troubleshooting services.

    • The construction works for new diesel power plants and Gas turbine power plants, expansion of existing diesel and power plants, maintenance, repair, and overhaul of gensets and auxiliaries.

    • The construction of new power substations, AIS and GIS including switchgears, switchyards, transformers, and MCC control and instrumentation.

  2. Operation and maintenance for power plants.

  3. Water treatment and reverse osmosis for power plants.

Al Binaa Al Mouaser Experience In Power & Distribution Services

Previous Projects

Our company have successfully worked on a wide range of projects in power sector. including but not limited to:

  1. Site inspection and assessment of Haditha Diesel Power Plant by MAB technical team.

  2. Site inspection and assessment of Al-Ramadi Diesel Power Plant by MAB technical team.

  3. Supply of spare parts (Various types) for MAN Diesel GenSets for Haditha, and Al Rutba diesel power plants

Al Binaa Al Mouaser Experience In Power Sector

Major overhaul for Haditha Diesel Power Station 23MW X 10 gensets, including turbochargers rehabilitation, crankshafts replacement, and redesign of connecting rods in addition to the rehabilitation works for electrical, water treatment and fuel systems, including replacement of transformer, including the supply of genuine spare parts  from the original equipment manufacturer.

Power Production
Power Production

Al Binaa Al Mouaser Experience In Distribution Sector

MAB successfully executed the design, manufacturing, testing, inspection, and Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) of a 44/63MVA, 138/13Kv Power Transformer. Manufactured by General Electric (GE), the transformer was delivered, installed, and commissioned at the Haditha Diesel Power Station. This strategic integration not only bolstered the station’s power distribution capabilities but also underscored our commitment to delivering professional and efficient energy solutions to our esteemed end users.

Power Distribution
Power Distribution

Al Binaa Al Mouaser Experience In Oil & Gas Services

MAB has established itself as a well-known company in the oil and gas industry, our experience includes:

  1. Complete Service Projects: We have successfully executed comprehensive projects encompassing civil, mechanical, and electrical services, ensuring holistic solutions tailored to the unique demands of the oil and gas sector.

  2. Facility Installation: Our proficiency extends to both onshore and offshore facilities, ensuring seamless integration and functionality regardless of the environment.

  3. Procurement & Installation: MAB’s capabilities are further highlighted by our expertise in:

    • Water Injection Systems: Vital for reservoir pressure maintenance and enhanced oil recovery.

    • Instrumentation: We provide state-of-the-art instrumentations tailored for oil & gas facilities, ensuring accurate monitoring and control.

    • Oil Storage Tanks: Our solutions ensure safe and efficient storage of crude and refined products.

    • HIPPS: Our high-integrity pressure protection systems are designed to prevent over-pressurization, ensuring safety and operational integrity.

With these specialized services, MAB stands as a trusted partner for oil and gas projects, ensuring quality, safety, and operational excellence.

Al Binaa Al Mouaser Experience In Control and Automation Fields


MAB is one of the leading companies in the field of control and automation projects. Our team, with over 22 years of experience, have successfully managed diverse control and automation projects in several sectors from refineries to power plants.


Our Team:

Our team consists of experienced engineers who specialize in Control and Automation Systems, PLC, and SCADA systems. Each member has experience ranging from 22 to 30 years, culminating in decades of collective expertise. Their vast skills encompass automation process engineering, system design and integration, software and hardware design, logic and HMI programming, and SCADA software development. Additionally, they excel in system commissioning and start-up, project management, site installation management, and control projects budgeting. Also, our team members also have specialized skills in the installation, testing, and commissioning of medium voltage switchgears, including expertise with protection relays, CTs, PTs, and CBs.

Al Binaa Al Mouaser Experience In Control and Automation Fields

Sample of MAB Previous Projects In Control and Automation Fields

Our engineers have successfully worked on a wide range of projects like refineries, power stations, water plants, and factories. including but not limited to:

  1. Control System Replacements & Installations for:

    • Refinery units.
    • Sulfuric acid plant at Al Phosphate State Company.
    • Alqaim Cement Factory.
    • ABB switchgear (protection relays, CTs, PTs, CBs) at substations in Diwaniya, Kerbalaa, and Fallujah.


  2. Commissioning & Pre-commissioning for:

      • Lube oil plant at South Refinery Company.
      • Atrush oil production site in collaboration with HKN Company.
      • Turbine for water injection for North Oil Company.
      • Al Quds power station expansion projects using Allen Bradley PLC (various models).
      • Fallujah wastewater.
      • Al-Hurria power plant.

Al Binaa Al Mouaser Experience In Control and Automation Fields

  1. Control System for:
    • Various projects with North Oil Company.
    • Karkuk cement factory, Al Mansor salt factory, and other industrial settings.
    • Baiji fertilizers factory and other facilities.
    • Projects in Bartella sewing factory, Ministry of Higher Education, and others.
    • Ministry of Technology Projects (Baghdad water treatment development) with advanced PLC and Panel programming.
  2. Software Development:
    • West oil treatment at Baji Refinery.
  3. Rehabilitation:
    • Dokan water project, including extensive equipment and system rehabilitations.
  4. Design & Implementation:
    • Dairy industry equipment units.